LG G6 will retain the G5’s modular build, despite the latter’s poor market performance

The LG G5 may not have been very successful in the smartphone market, but that will be no reason to stop the Korean technology company from continuing with the modular design in the upcoming G series smartphones. According to reports, the next smartphone in the series, popularly anticipated to be called the LG G6, will retain the modular design that we saw in the LG G5 that was launched earlier this year.

LG G6, Modular design

The LG G5 was the first ever modular smartphone to have launched in India. But after it failed to score a hit with customers, many had anticipated that the Korean giant may give up on the experiment it had initiated with the smartphone. However, LG has surprised fans by announcing that the modular design will remain a part of the series.

Android Authority reports that LG spokesman Ken Hong clarified the matter in an interview with CNET. According to Hong, the subsequent phones in the company’s G series will keep the modular design despite the feedback for the G5 being rather underwhelming. The modular accessories that the G5 was launched with included a camera extension named the LG Cam Plus, and another one called Hi-Fi Plus, a portable audio playback extension. However, Hong provided no further details about how they plan to upgrade the design to draw the favour of their customers.

This may come as a surprise for those who thought that the comparatively conventional make of the recently launched LG V20 pointed at the death of the modular design for the company. Hong explained that the V20 was already under progress much ahead of the market launch of the G5, thereby leaving no scope for the latter’s poor sales to have any bearing on the V20’s design plans. The V20, then, was simply designed to cater to a different customer base altogether. The LG V20 is the world’s first smartphone to come with the Android 7.0 Nougat running out of the box.

The company’s stand to stick with the modular design for the LG G6 may spell good news for those who did end up buying the G5, as it may mean an opportunity for them to upgrade to new accessories while still retaining their present set of add-ons.

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