Pokemon Go release date in India, Russia and China is yet to be carried out

Pokemon Go being the phenomenal augmented reality game has acquired immense popularity over the world. The game developed by Niantic has become extremely addictive for all the fanatics, and people have gone to extreme levels to catch hold of the Pokemon while playing the game. The intensity level of the game was so high according to the players that they used illegal ways of downloading Pokemon Go in India, Russia and China. However, the game released in Asia after a long span of time, as there were server issues due to illegal downloading of Pokemon Go.


Even after India was added to the status page of gamer’s server, the release of Pokemon Go seemed to be doubtful in the country. The release of the game in India, Russia, China and some parts of South Asia, as well as Africa, is still yet to be carried out.

As per a report by International Business Times, a transcript file by VentureBeat stated that John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic Labs recently spoke with Greg Kumparak, the editor of TechCrunch at the TechCrunch Disrupt event regarding Pokemon Go, where he stated that they have a lot of markets which are not yet officially launched. In places such as South Asia, Russia, China, parts of A America. So they are still yet to carry out the phase of the game. He also mentioned that he has a pretty good idea where they will be rolling out the next but that’s pending getting things squared away on the regulations side and getting everything prepared.

However, a particular or a fixed date has not been revealed by Hanke yet regarding the release of Pokemon Go in India, Russia, China including other African and Asian countries.

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