Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL Release Date and Leaked Photos Emerge Online

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: Some photos of the handsets have emerged online that shows both phones side-by-side. This marks the first time we’ve seen the phones. Apart from this Google has sent invites for an October 4 event. They hinted that the new smartphones powered by its Android mobile software will be shown off.


The image shows both phones with an aluminium finish that looks very heavy. We can see a fingerprint sensor. The lowers half of the phone is wrapped in a metal unibody while the upper half is covered with a plate of glass. It has some IDs and information that are obvious for reasons. The bezel looks larger.

The front side is white and the bezels looks larger. There appears a physical button on the rear but as of now we don’t know what purpose the button serves. Gsmarena speculates that it’s probably a dedicated button for activating Google’s new assistant.


Regarding the invitation for October 4th, the emailed invitation only revealed the time and place in San Fransico and the message was topped by blue, red, yellow, and green dots of colour. On Twitter Google posted a message saying, ‘October is Coming’ with hashtag #madebygoogle and posted a video of what appears to be a long rectangular search term box morphing into a silhouette of a smartphone.

A couple of days back we reported how Google Pixel XL (Nexus Marlin) price details was revealed. To recall, Google introduced its first smartphone, the Nexus One, in January 2010. They partnered with HTC to make the handset. Over the years Google has partnered with several Android smartphone and tablet makers to produce its Nexus lineup. Now the company is going solo and perhaps putting an end to the Nexus brand. Along with the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, Google is expected to launch a brand new 4K Chromecast that can stream content in 4K and might be dubbed Chromecast Plus or Chromecast Ultra, on October 4th.

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