Remix OS installation on PC (Updated, 100% Working)

When the international technical market has almost got overflowed with the newer technologies, and the scenario somewhat is saturated, and there is hardly a place for new companies to enter the competition, an all new company Remix OS set up by some ex-Google engineers is all set to turn the heads around.

The smart gadgets, which have almost engulfed the society, were all based mainly on the operating systems of Windows, Android and iOS. In other words, these operating systems used to be the rulers of this oligopolistic market. But now one more jewel has been embedded to the crown of operating systems. But till now the Remix OS is not released for Windows or Mac operating system officially, but there are numbers of tweaks to install remix on PC regardless of the operating system you are using.

remix on pc

Until the launch of Remix OS there used to be a certain restriction level regarding the usage of the then existing operating systems. Now that the all new Remix OS has been launched, some restrictions are expected to nullify. The biggest and the most important point about this is that this operating system allows you to access Android features on both PC and smartphone. As the official website of this OS says, this operating system is real “Android, reimagined”.

How to install Remix OS on PC/Laptop Windows/Mac?

Follow the below mentioned steps to install the Remix OS easily on Windows or Mac PC. Remember, follow the steps sequentially one by one.

#1 Download the Remix USB Installer & Remix OS 2.0.

At first, you need to download two things to make the OS run on your Android phone/ Chrome PC.

  • Download the Remix OS 2.0: Download the Remix operating system from the internet. One thing should be mentioned here that official version has not been released yet you can use the leaked version. It’s safe.
  • Download Remix USB Installer: Download Remix USB installer. It’s necessary to install it on a USB-capable device like a pen drive.

#2 Format the USB Stick and change the formatting to FAT32

Format the USB device/ pen drive using FAT32 mode and assure one thing that your Pen Drive is safe from any virus and malware as well.

#3 Start the Remix USB Installer

It’s important to have if you want to flash the operating system into your USB storage device. It makes the USB device bootload enabled. When you start, choose ISO file into the drive where you want to install it.

#4 Select the ISO file and the USB flash drive.

The toll for Remix IS USB tool let you select and ISO file to load the ISO file into the FAT formatted USB flash drive.

Then press “OK” to install it. Once it’s clicked, it will start extracting and copying files and gradually within few minutes the bootloader will be installed.

#5 Reboot the computer.

Restart the system and when the boot menu flashes, go to the menu where the source drive can be selected for booting. Select the USB drive and start with pressing the “ENTER” button.

** If in case it’s not booting up, change the BIOS boot mode. Search how to change BIOS boot mode to legacy and follow the steps.

Before rebooting your computer, search for the shortcut for Boot Menu for the particular brand model of your laptop or desktop.

#6 Install Remix OS 2.0.

Select the “Language” and click “OK” to agree on the users’ agreement and click on the “OK” button to start.


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