Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come bundled with a Free Gear VR for customers in India due to delay caused by recall

Samsung‘s much hyped about September 2016 release, the Galaxy Note 7, recently faced a backlash after there were reports from several corners of the world that the smartphone had caught fire or exploded. While the leading tech company chalked it up to a botched set of batteries, they were nevertheless compelled to recall and cancel all shipments to avoid any further damage from happening.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Delay, Free Gear VR for Indian customers

Needless to say, fans who had pre-booked the device in India were not exempted from the delay caused by the global recall. But officials at Samsung have announced that while they regret the inconvenience caused to their customers in India, they will extend certain benefits alongside delivering the Galaxy Note 7 to the country when new shipments finally arrive, to make up for the delay. The phone will now come bundled with a Gear VR headset for all customers in India who had pre-ordered it. Along with that, the shipments will also include an Oculus content voucher worth $50, or INR 3,300 approximately.

Before the recall happened, the Gear VR set was offered to all customers who had pre-booked the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a special discounted price of INR 1,990 as a gesture of appreciation. The original price of the Gear VR headset is INR 7,550.

The announcement was made on the official Samsung pre-booking information page, where the company has clarified the reasons for the delay as well as provided guidelines in case customers wish to get a full refund because of the delay.

But while the South Korean manufacturer has promised a speedy delivery as soon as the shipments are available, it has not provided any information about when customers can expect the delivery of the smartphone. “You can rest assured that we are working diligently to deliver your Galaxy Note 7 as soon as possible. We will reach out to you on your registered contact number with guidance on the launch timelines. We thank you for your patience and understanding,” said the announcement.┬áIndian customers now have no other option but to wait for the company to commence the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in the country.

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