Sniper Elite 4 Release Date, Price, Features, System Requirements, Gameplay, Trailer (Updated)

Sniper Elite 4, the upcoming action-adventure tactical shooter game by British developers Rebellion, has become the talking point of the gaming world ever since its March 2016 announcement. The previous title in the series, Sniper Elite 3, was set against the background of North Africa during  World War II, where OSS sniper Karl Fairburne is tasked with sabotaging a top secret Nazi programme which stood as a massive threat to the Allied resistance. The newest game in the successful series brings back covert agent Karl Fairburne as the main playable character, but this time, it is the beautiful Italian peninsula that will serve as the setting for the operative’s mission.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 was revealed by the developers after a long wait and numerous speculations in the gaming world. What is special about the next instalment in the series is that unlike the previous titles, Sniper Elite 4 is being developed independently by Rebellion who will also act as the publishers. But while Rebellion had originally wanted to release the game sometime in the second half of 2016, they ended up pushing back the date to early 2017 to avoid cramping in two big titles within the same quarter, the other being the upcoming PlayStation VR launch of Battlezone in October. The delay may have dampened the mood for fans initially, but the devs have more than made up for it with a bunch of cool glimpses into what we can expect from the next offering in the award winning series.

Sniper Elite 4 Announcement and Launch Trailer:

The game was unveiled by Rebellion back in March this year with a cinematic teaser trailer, which showcased beautiful landscapes amidst which the ominous presence of tanks, fighter planes, and hostile armies loom large. The trailer reveals that the game will be set in 1943 in a Nazi-occupied Italy, where the picturesque streets have been ravaged by enemy troops. It is amidst this setting that Karl Fairburne will be handed the responsibility of saving the citizens from the fascist force that has destroyed the peace of their country.

Alongside the trailer, the makers have also released a bunch of screenshots from Sniper Elite 4‘s gameplay, which exhibits what players can achieve with Fairburne’s skills at their disposal. This ranges from explosions to close-ups of the shots that claim his victims.

Sniper Elite 4 Release Date, Gameplay

Sniper Elite 4 Plot:

The game’s events follow directly after those of Sniper Elite 3, which was set in 1942. According to the game’s official page, Fairburne’s mission is to help the brave men and women fighting in the resistance to help them gain freedom. The fate of the European alliance rests on the shoulders of this mission, without which, “there will be no Operation Overlord, no D-Day landings, and no Victory in Europe.” The game’s expansive setting will span across the country, taking players through scenic towns, forests and mountains.


Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay:

Some of the gameplay videos that have surfaced online, along with the hints that have been provided by the developers, have clued us in on what to expect from Sniper Elite 4. To begin with the basics, the game will use the third person perspective and will incorporate stealth elements. But while it will retain a lot of the gameplay features of Sniper Elite 3, there will be some massive upgrades. First off, Sniper Elite 4 will have an improved map system with integrated vertical expansion, resulting in a larger size and bigger scope overall.


Although the game is primarily about snipers, it does not limit its players to long-range shots only. Sniper Elite 4 will offer a host of other weapons to choose from which will be useful in close quarter combat, in case the player’s position is uncovered by the enemy. This brings us to the artificial intelligence system that controls the enemy troops, which were sketchy at best in the last game. But the makers have promised that careful attention has been paid to the system in the upcoming game, which will see a considerable upgrade in enemy intelligence. As a result, players can expect the targeted enemy to be much more responsive to attacks. So players will have to be far more careful in planning a shot, as a mistaken move will immediately alert the surrounding enemy and lead to his capture. Another interesting aspect of the improved AI will result in the importance of officers in the gameplay. If an officer is taken out early on, his troops are likely to retreat for lack of orders; but if he is not killed, he will direct his troops to make the player’s mission much more difficult to achieve.


Moving on to another upgrade, the kill-cam feature that we saw in Sniper Elite 3 will be even better than before in the upcoming game. As is expected, Sniper Elite 4‘s main attraction is its precision sniping. In the previous game, a perfect sniper shot would enable the slow-motion X-ray cam, which followed the trajectory of the bullet straight inside the body of the enemy being hit, giving a satisfying look beyond his physical exterior and revealing the critical damage that was done to their internal organs as the bullet ravaged through them. But in Sniper Elite 4, the X-ray kill cam will not be limited to distant shots only, activating whenever an enemy is executed in any way, be it by guns or other by stealth methods. That means players will be able to see from the inside the damage they do to an enemy with guns, knives, or just about anything at their disposal upon executing a perfect kill. The system has been upgraded to also include shrapnel kills and melee kills.


Other than these, some other cool tricks include a method to take out the lights in order to facilitate stealth and the ability to use corpses to lay traps for the enemy. Fairburne is also equipped with a pair of binoculars which reveal not only the distance that a target is at but also his status and what kind of weapon he is carrying. The bottomline is, Sniper Elite 4 will be as much about the fun of blowing enemies to pieces as it will be about stealth and strategy. For more information, check out the gameplay footage below, shared by IGN.

Sniper Elite 4 Release Date:


As has been mentioned before, the game’s launch has been delayed to early 2017. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Rebellion announced that Sniper Elite 4 will be released on February 14, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For those who don’t want to waste an opportunity to get their hands on the game as soon as it is available, copies of Sniper Elite 4 can already be booked on Amazon for pre-order. The game has been listed on the website for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the price of $59.99. Amazon Prime members will be able to avail a 20 percent additional discount upon pre-ordering.

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  1. No more zombies!!! We need something with substance. Puzzle solving with some RPG elements thrown in would be a breath of fresh air. Keep the other physics but try to bring some cutting edge gameplay as well.

  2. In the next sniper game it should be more base life situation. Making the mind work, one shot one kill. And be able to roll out after the first shoot. Ghilli suites. .for examples the first sniper game training how you hide in the brunch, open world swamp land crawling through water, mud, and so on. More of a challenge. Another example from novice to elite force,. The higher you the more challenge and more enimrs tanks, helicopters with thermal night vision. Heat sensors, as modern war far.
    And let’s not forget the 1 1/2 mile shot..
    Live the bullet cam and the x-aray.
    From dessert to winter white out.
    When I play sniper elite on ps4 I use the silencer pistol and my sniper rifle. And live this game.
    It takes a sniper to kill a sniper. Just some ideas.
    Thank you for your time

  3. Is the Sniper Elite 4 PS3 game going to be a first person shooter, well; I really hope not because; we are use to playing third-person game in SE III, please keep it as a third-person shooter for us.

    thank you!

  4. There should be several ways to complete a mission, a simple linear path to follow restricts the imagination. There should be a choice of weapons, scopes, ammunition, shaped charges, and so on. Personally the story line in V2 was better than in V3, I hope there is a decent story line in V4. The end should have a shoot out with the villain not a cut scene.

  5. What they should do is. There is Nazis. Russians. And every tom dick and harry. Are After a top secret plan. That can wipe out countrys. But if your the sniper and you want this mission. You have to beat the best of the best. You have to fight it out so the winner can take the mission. Sounds harder than it sounds. Instead of just jumping in and killing enimeis. You have to earn your stripes. Be fore someone else take your place.

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