Yi M1 is the New Camera in the Market which can Passed On as a Leica Lookalike

Yi has introduced a new camera, the M1, which is very close to a Leica T lookalike but yet comes for less than one-thirds of the price of Leica. the new camera is a Micro Four Thirds mirrorless ILC which is a perfect budget offering for the camera buyer who has shallow pockets but yet gives a very rich exterior outlook.


The M1 from Yi comprises of a is a 20MP Sony IMX269 Micro Four Thirds sensor that shoots RAW DNG at a max ISO of 25,600 and can capture 4K video. The backside of the camera features a 3-inch 720 x 480 touchscreen display with “phone-like” controls for the smartphone generation, and even though there is no EVF or built-in flash, WiFi and Bluetooth are included. With few buttons and just two wheels, simplicity is emphasised on.

The new M1 by Yi is available with two matching lenses:  a 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 (24-80mm equivalent) and a 42.5mm F1.8 (85mm equivalent). Offering a rather modern and innovative approach to the section of the hybrid camera, the M1 might prove to be the perfect camera for first-time photographers who are looking for a simple easy-to-use camera for recreational purposes. While the new device from the Chinese concern is no way a competition to the elite DSLRs of Nikon and Canon, there is no doubt it will sell well among amateurs.

Yi plans two kits: one for $500 with one of the lenses and a $700 kit with both lenses. The pricing is certainly aggressive at £383/£536 and AU$660/AU$930.

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