Mafia 4 Release Date, Features, Gameplay, Characters and Storyline: All you need to know about the game

Not even a week has passed, and people are already going gaga over the newly launched action-adventure video game, Mafia 3. Mafia series was already a massive hit and the second iteration of the trilogy, which was released back in 2010, created havoc sensation among the gamers, particularly those who love to play the third-person shooting game. On 7th October, the developers of this successful franchise, Hangar 13, released the third version of the game and thus fans have already started enquiring about the fourth instalment, the Mafia 4. So in this article, we will discuss on the Mafia 4 release date, Mafia 4 storyline, gameplay, features, Mafia 4 characters and minimum system requirements to play this game on your PC. So kindly go through this one stop article on the highly anticipated Mafia 4 and get all the information before the period shooting game hits the market shelves.

Mafia 4

Mafia 4 Release Date

The most important information you are eagerly waiting for to know is the Mafia 4 release date. Well as the third instalment released just a few days ago, it is very hard to predict when the Mafia 4 will release. But, according to some inside news and close sources, it is very much likely that Mafia 4 will release sometime in the year 2020.

Mafia 4 System Requirements

Another hard thing to predict so early is the Mafia 4 system requirements. As technology is improving at a rapid pace, it is very tough to anticipate what will be the Mafia 4 minimum system requirements four or five years later. As Mafia 3 runs on PS4, Xbox One and PC with 8GB RAM, i7 processor, Windows 7 or higher OS and 50 GB free space on your HD, we are almost sure that Mafia 4 will also require the same configurations to run the game on your console or PC.

Mafia 4 Release Date

Mafia 4 Storyline

The plot of the Mafia III revolves around Lincoln Clay, a biracial orphan and a Vietnam War veteran. The game is set in the year 1968 and the city of New Bordeaux (a fictionalised version of New Orleans). So following the pattern of the current version and the previous two instalments, we are sure Mafia IV is going to be a gangster story. Although, the chances are very sleek that the developers will continue the same storyline. So, there will be no Lincoln Clay, no Marcano family or Vito Scaletta in the fourth edition of this third person shooting game. Instead, the storyline of the Mafia 4 may unfold a non-Italian clan and is expected to tell the story of a later age and a bit more modern time.

Mafia 4 Features

As we have already discussed that the storyline is going to get a modern day adaptation, so the makers are thinking about all types of modifications. So we can expect that Mafia 4 will come with more upgrade cars, weapons and even clothes. Moreover, Hangar 13, the developer of the game may introduce tools to create the face of your character similar to Mass Effect, another popular game of the same genre. You have to complete certain tasks to further progress the game and unlock achievements. It is also expected that the fighting mode will be improved and will get more realistic in this version of the game. Not to mention, we all are hoping for a new city and a bigger map in Mafia IV where there will be more opportunities to hide during chases.

Mafia IV Gameplay

Mafia 4 Characters

With each iteration, Mafia introduces a new protagonist. So following the pattern, it is expected that the developers will introduce a new central character and the whole storyline will revolve around him (or her). But it is almost impossible to anticipate who will be that protagonist, and what will be his or her name. So stick to our website for more detailed and updated news on Mafia 4 characters.

Mafia 4 Gameplay

No matter how many upgradations the game will go through in the fourth instalment, the essence of the gameplay will remain intact in the Mafia IV too. That means Mafia 4 will definitely be a third person shooter game. As we are hoping that the gameplay of the fourth instalment will come with a new city and bigger maps, the fans will get more chances to explore the game in a better manner. The Mafia 4 gameplay will also go to offer the gamers mini and secondary missions which will unfold the story line in a detailed fashion and will increase the chances to get more bonuses. The missions are also expected to come with many options as you can bring out our inner Chuck Norris and make a slaughter, or you can simply turn on the stealth mode and eliminate your enemies as a silent assassin. We also hope that the fighting mode will get a proper upgradation and will allow you to take cover and fight with your rivals. It is also expected that Mafia IV may come with a new system of dialogues which will allow the gamers to choose the answers as per their wishes. It will be a great feature for the game, as it will make the third person shooting game more interesting as well as realistic. Not only that but the character’s partners will also come much alive and responsive during the battle and will have more roles to play during the fighting.

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