DJI Phantom Pro 4 News and Updates: Boasts of the Most Crashproof Camera

Drone camera has been in trend for a long time now. In fact, the rise of the popularity of the drone cameras dates back to 2013. Since then with the aid of progressing technology drone cameras have moved leaps and bounds. And the latest release of DJI Phantom Pro 4 is bound to take progress to yet another level.

The DJI Phantom Pro 4 is slated to be the most crashproof drone ever made

DJI Phantom Pro 4: A Crashproof Device

DJI Phantom Pro 4 has come into the market with one of the much-awaited upgrades. It is told that this new drone will be the most crashproof one till date with adjustments being made in the sensor employed to detect obstacles. The rear infrared sensors that have been installed are capable of identifying obstacles from as far as 23 feet or 7 metres. This ability provides the drone camera with the opportunity to take care of its next move and avoid a collision.

The DJI Phantom Pro 4 comes with a new 20-megapixel camera with a 1-inch CMOS sensor and f/2.8-11 24mm equivalent lens. This is to avail the device an improved dynamic range and a stellar performance even in low-light conditions. The camera can record 4K video at up to 60 frames per second at a bitrate of 1000 Mbps. The camera, in order to avoid rolling shutter distortion, has been provided with a mechanical shutter.

The flight time of DJI Phantom Pro 4 stands at 30 minutes, and when put in sports mode, the device can fly up to 45 mph. The drone has also got a remote controller with an optional display feature and an inbuilt GPS. The drone also comes with an updated intelligent flight mode besides a dedicated MicroSD slot and HDMI port. One of the new features that have been incorporated in DJI Phantom Pro 4 is the Draw mode. It enables the user to determine the flying route of the drone by simply the line by hand. In that case, the camera might just be left either in a free moving state or a front-facing state.

Yet another interesting feature of the device is the TapFly or TapFly Backward mode. In this mode, the drone moves to the assigned direction, either forward or backwards. Also like the previous mode in this drone is also capable of spotting and then tracking objects like bikes, human beings and cars. The Return to Home feature has also been upgraded, and it chooses the best route possible to come to back to its original position. And all this while the obstacle detecting technology that has been installed with DJI Phantom Pro 4 remains active which enables it to avoid any tree or anything of that sort.

DJI Phantom Pro 4: Price

The DJI Phantom Pro 4 will come into the market with a price tag of about $1500. And it is entirely reasonable keeping in mind the fact that the device is coming with such updated features, especially the crashproof one.

With all these features newly incorporated in DJI Phantom Pro 4, it seems that DJI will be able to have a complete sweep in the market concerned with drones. Also, the thing is with all these new models DJI is becoming its own competitor for other drone makers have not made many devices lately. The DJI Phantom Pro 4 is bound to take the drone enthusiasts by a real surprise.

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