Moto X Leaks and Updates: Leaked Images Suggest Return of Moto X

Motorola is back among the rumours and since its undertaking by Lenovo is supposed to be releasing one of its popular devices in the coming year 2017. And this news has been boosted by the latest images which have been received through various sources that are available across the world. And the latest leaked images reveal that Motorola is going to release their upcoming device Moto X in the coming days.

Leaked image of Moto X

The most recent updates have given rise to the rumours that Moto X is going to be out in the market in 2017. And because of the fact that this new device Moto X is coming out in 2017, it is termed as Moto X 2017 for the time being. But the actual launch of the device, whenever it happens, might provide an altogether different name to the device. And these rumours that Moto X will be released in 2017 can actually turn out to be true as Motorola, rather Lenovo gave it a miss in 2016.

As we approach the end of the year, the rumours have been raised mostly regarding the devices in the Motorola Moto Z series. Whether there will be an update in the operating system or not in the Moto Z is the talk of the hour. But amidst all these, the arrival of leaked images Moto X has suddenly grabbed a lot of attentions. And it has given rise to speculations that Moto X will be having a design very much similar to that of Moto Z. But the leaked images have made it a clear that Moto X is not going to have a modular design. Rather Moto X is going to have a look close to the Moto Maxx or Droid Turbo. It might also sport a fingerprint scanner which might be on similar lines to that of Moto Z. also it can be estimated from the leaked images of Moto X that this device is going to have a screen size of around 5.2-inch.

These rumours will be validated only when the manufacturer releases the device into the market. And as it is expected, it might well be in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. In the MWC other devices from different leading smartphone, making brands are also expected to be launched. The supposed list of smartphones includes the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and Xiaomi Mi6. However, everything is in a state of speculation as it will be too early to speculate anything based on the leaked images of Moto X. we can use this device for Christmas Gifts also.

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