Samsung Galaxy S8 to be the Fastest Android Smartphone Ever Made?

You read it right. If rumours are to be believed, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 might well be the fastest and the most powerful Android smartphone ever. Samsung confirms it is working with mobile experts Qualcomm on a super-fast chip which could appear in its next smartphones including the Galaxy S8.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a monster
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a monster

Scheduled to be revealed early next year, the next flagship device from Samsung should pack in a bigger and brighter screen, more detailed camera, and extremely powerful hardware. Here, the operative word is hardware, which is what Samsung has decided to project when the new device does come out.  Qualcomm, whose Snapdragon chips can be found in many of the world’s top Android smartphones, has now confirmed its next chip – the Snapdragon 835. Set to be the most powerful to date, packing in major improvements in computing power, battery life and more, the Snapdragon 835 should start to appear in new phones next year.

Qualcomm is now working with Samsung to manufacture the Snapdragon 835, which is the company’s first ever 10-nanometre chip, making it one of the thinnest mobile processors around today-significantly thinner than a piece of paper or even a human hair.The first devices to feature the Snapdragon 835 should appear in the first quarter of 2017, meaning that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a prime candidate.

Reports have claimed that Samsung is set to reveal two new devices, with the standard Samsung Galaxy S8 coming with a 5.7-inch screen, a significant upgrade on the current flagship device, the 5.1 inch Galaxy S7.  The other one will be the Galaxy S8 plus, which may be the company’s biggest device to date, reportedly sporting a 6.2 inch nearly edge-to-edge display.

Detailed specifications are yet to be known; you can check what is known here. Sources also claim that Samsung is now taking extra care to avoid a repeat of the fiasco surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 launch.

Samsung was criticised after reports suggested it had rushed out the Note 7 without proper testing in order to capitalise on consumer anticipation. Additionally, the South Korean giant will look forward to compete with Apple and Google with its own AI voice assistant, Viv.

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