Pokemon Go Generation 2: Latest News and Updates


Good news for Pokemon lovers! The game that took off with millions of fans with just 150 Pokemon is now planning to add a hundred more. In a bizzare twist of events,an internal memo from Starbucks might have just given away the release date; a self-proclaimed Starbucks employee took to the Pokemon Go subreddit to share what he claims is an internal memo from corporate quarters revealing a new marketing campaign coinciding with the release of “Pokemon Version 2.”, or Pokemon Go Generation 2. The 7th of December might be the big day. These Pokemon were from Generation 2 which is basically still considered one of the original and most beloved generations.

Pokemon Go got a relatively minor patch this weekend, fixing a few specific issues including the game’s infamous, non-descriptive “minor text fixes.” But what it contained under the surface may be even more significant than that, laying the groundwork for the first appearance of “Shiny” Pokemon in the game, and hinting at the imminent release of Ditto, one of the only original Pokemon still missing from the game. A ‘Trading’ feature is rumored, alongside the Generation 2 creatures that could come at any unexpected time.

The Memo consisted of Groupon promotions, Facebook, and Verizon promotions. But the last one was about “Pokeman”. It mentioned how 12/7 or the 7th of December will be the launch for Pokemon Version 2.

Ditto has always been one of the strangest absences from Pokemon Go because he’s not a legendary like the Birds or Mew or Mewtwo. Ditto will probably star in the Pokemon Go Generation 2.

It is not confirmed yet whether or not this is real. This is on a sub reddit by a self proclaimed employee. But the image itself seems convincing. It is also possible that this is in fact the real release date but due to the leak Niantic, the parent company, may postpone the entire thing in a more secretive way. Either way it is confirmed that new Gen 2 Pokemon have been added into the Pokemon Go game but they aren’t catchable yet. This only means that they are right around the corner.

The idea of Shiny Pokemon in GO has a lot more potential to reinvigorate the player-base to some degree, so long as the encounters aren’t one-in-a-million. Practically nothing is as exciting as capturing a Shiny Pokémon in the handheld game, and it would be great if Niantic could figure out a way to replicate some of that excitement for GO. It’s unclear when this might work its way into the game, but this is one update that it could use sooner rather than later. Stay tuned for more, coming soon. Also check pokevision alternative

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