Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaked Specifications, Price, Release Date

Tech Giants Samsung has been at the wrong end of criticism quite recently owing to various incidents of their flagship Galaxy Note 7 malfunctioning on a large level. However, the consumer electronics manufacturers are looking to put this major setback behind them with its upcoming range of electronic devices which include the much talked about Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Samsung was one of the first companies to start developing tablets in competition with Apple’s famous iPad lineup and Samsung Galaxy tabs were a firm favourite among many. However, with the increase in competition against the rest of the companies, the popularity of the devices declined to a certain extent but the tech giants are looking to change that yet again with the Galaxy Tab S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 leaks have been in short supply, but we’re not entirely in the dark. That’s mostly thanks to prolific tipster and journalist Evan Blass (codename: @Evleaks) who posted three possible Galaxy Tab S3 design renders to Twitter.

The design appears to be mostly unchanged from the Galaxy Tab S2, but there appears to be at least one modification: it looks like the display’s aspect ratio has switched back to 16:10 from 4:3.

The Upcoming tablet from Samsung is expected to be a powerful device with an array of high-end specifications. In January 2016 an Indian import-export tracker website, Zauba, had listed two variants of the speculated tablet of 8in and 9.7in. These models are speculated to have been powered by an Exynos 7420 processor, 4GB RAM and an improved battery life compared to its predecessor. Also, Samsung is almost certain to go for Super AMOLED screens with the Tab S3 rather than IPS could give Samsung a chance to finally show off a 4K display.

Galaxy tab S3

Regarding storage, the Galaxy Tab S came in 16/32GB storage options, while the Galaxy Tab S2 came in 32/64GB storage options. We’ve seen rumours that the Galaxy Tab S3 will ship with 32GB of storage, although we’d expect to see 64GB again too. The device will also be the company’s first tablet to come pre-installed with the Android Nougat 7.0 OS . It will also entail Samsung’s iris recognition technology which the company introduced through the Note 7 but has previously used on a non-commercial tablet called Galaxy Iris.

Cameras are tipped to be 8MP/1080p at the back and 2MP/1080p at the front, and we’d expect Samsung to use a Micro-USB- rather than USB-C port for charging the internal battery – 4,000mAh in the Tab S3 8in and 5,870mAh in the Tab S3 9.7in.

Leaked benchmarks have revealed a score of 4,275 points multi-core (1,225 single-core) in Geekbench 3.0 for the larger Tab S3 9.7in and 4,122 points multi-core (1,312 single-core) for the smaller Tab S3 8.0in. That’s less than that achieved by the company’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S7, but not at all bad.

The battery will be at 4,000mAh for the 8.0 model, while the 9.7 model will be at 5,870mAh with both the variants equipped with fast-charging capabilities.  The changing ports of these devices are also expected to be Micro-USB ready rather than a USB-C design. Samsung has already made the switch to USB-C with the Galaxy Note 7 and the Tab S3 is definitely pegged to follow suit.

Sammobile has suggested that the Tab S3 will arrive in Q1 2017, with the model numbers SM-T820 (Wi-Fi) and SM-T825 (LTE).  Although there are no confirmed reports of the release of the device and the exact specification list as of now, we are confident that they will arise soon enough from the Tech Giants themselves.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be priced close to $389(Rs.25,932) for the bigger variant while the smaller sized variant might come for an approximate amount of $319( Rs.21,256). There has been no confirmed release date for the device as of yet but according to some reports Samsung will most probably be launching the tablet in the beginning early 2017.

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