Samsung Galaxy X vs iPhone 8: Might Bear the Similar Configurations

It’s less than a couple of months to go before the beginning of the New Year 2017 and already news are in the market for the new upcoming phones of 2017. Consequently, there are also talks of comparison between those come in and rumours are high that Samsung Galaxy X and iPhone 8 might have the same features.

iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy X are set to have almost similar features

Samsung X vs iPhone 8: Design

Nothing much has been known about the design of either of the upcoming devices but it seems that both the devices, Samsung Galaxy X and iPhone 8, are going to have some incredible appearances.

Samsung X vs iPhone 8: Processor

It is still in a stage of speculation that Samsung Galaxy X will feature the upcoming Qualcomm 830 Snapdragon processor or it might have an Exynos 8995 processor. iPhone 8 might be having an A10 processor. So nothing much of a difference can be traced between these on this front.

Samsung X vs iPhone 8: Features

Both the upcoming high-end devices are expected to come with ‘folding phone’ ability. iPhone 8 is also reported to be having the Eye scanner, Fingerprint Sensor and Retina Display. Possibilities are very high that Samsung Galaxy X will also be featuring Fingerprint sensor, although it’s not confirmed according to various sources whether Samsung Galaxy X will have the Iris Scanner or not.

Samsung X vs iPhone 8: RAM

All are in a stage of speculation as this is early enough to get any confirmation. But it can be said that iPhone 8 might have a RAM of about 6GB or 8GB. Regarding Samsung Galaxy X, information is even less and we can expect a 6 GB RAM.

Samsung X vs iPhone 8: Camera

Samsung and Apple have on most occasions mesmerised the users when it comes to the quality of the camera. And this time a 14 MP rear camera and a 4 MP selfie camera are set to feature in the iPhone 8. Samsung Galaxy 8 is rumoured to be having a 12 MP rear camera. Nothing can be speculated regarding the front camera that will feature in Samsung’s upcoming device.

Samsung X vs iPhone 8: Battery

It is speculated that Samsung Galaxy X will have a battery backup of 3000 mAh, also hoping that it won’t again crop up heating or exploding issues. Apple iPhone 8, on the other hand, is expected to be having a 2,800 mAh battery.

Samsung X vs iPhone 8: Price

The price tags of either phone cannot be speculated at this moment. Having said that we are expecting the latest upcoming device of Apple, that is, iPhone 8 is going to be priced at around $1099 to $1499. Regarding the Samsung Galaxy X, even a speculation seems a far-fetched attempt.


It is quite sure that Apple and Samsung will once again be engaged in an interesting battle regarding the supremacy in the field of production of latest smartphones in the market. In fact, it will get all the more intriguing because of the fact that both the devices are expected to come with almost similar features. As the above analysis of the speculated features of the Samsung Galaxy X and iPhone 8 suggests that we are in for some mouth-watering conflict once both these phones hit the market in next year.

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