AMD Ryzen Latest Specs and Release Date: Intel May Have Finally Met Its Match

The AMD Zen CPU is now the AMD Ryzen and it is a monster. As we move on to a new year, AMD might have the ultimate Intel-killer on its hands. With rumoured release dates in the first quarters of 2017, we have finally managed to piece together some detailed information regarding the new CPU. We expect the first Ryzen-based devices to be a part of the Summit Ridge family of high-end computing chips.


The new AMD Ryzen chips will feature an 8-core 16-thread CPU, a true  8-core chip using simultaneous multithreading as distinguished from the multithreading Bulldozer, with the top-end part coming with a base clock of 3.4GHz. Compare this to the current competition, Intel’s 8C/16T Broadwell-E processor, which has a base clock of 3.2GHz, and the difference is appreciable. At a recent AMD event, Dr Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO and president, staged a competition with the Intel i7-6900K, Intel’s own 8-core, 16-thread chip. There were two tests, the Blender 3D and a video transcoding test. While the AMD Ryzen and the Intel i7-6900K tied in the first test, the AMD chip punched out the Intel one from the ring with a 10% faster performance in the second test. The Ryzen took 54 seconds what it took the i7 59 seconds to do.

A tweaked and updated design architecture, similar to AI, comes to the rescue of AMD Ryzen here. In an analysis of the system architecture, thebitbag says that the new technological breakthroughs like the ‘Smart Prefetch’ and ‘Neural Net Prediction’ make a  25 percent performance boost for the AMD Ryzen. AMD has also included ‘SenseMI’ technology to make the processor sense and adapt according to reigning outside atmosphere while adjusting its speed in accordance with the attached cooling mechanism via the ‘Precision Boost’ technology.

AMD Ryzen Specs and Features

The new AMD Ryzen is set to have 8 cores, 16 threads and 95W TDP, the Thermal Design Power. The base frequency is set to 3.4GHz as the minimum, with maximum effects to be announced. It will have a 20 MB L2+L3 cache and an AM4 platform. We expect it to be able to take on the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake Processor as well. No price has been stated as of now by AMD, commonly known as Advanced Micro Devices, an American company.

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