Apple Mac Mini 2017 Specs: Device Set to Support 4K Display Resolution

It has been a long period of time since there has been any news regarding the Mac Mini. In fact, 2014 was the last occasion when there was an update on the Mac Mini rolled out by Apple. Since then, there has been very little on this. But of late there have been a number of developments regarding the Apple Mac Mini 2017, and it reveals that a new device in this series is going to support the 4K display.

Apple Mac Mini 2017
The Apple Mac Mini 2017 is expected to be coming out with a support for the 4K display

It was in 2009 that the fans of the Cupertino-based brand had got something new in the Mac Mini series. In the 2014 release of the device the processor of the device got worse as the processor became a two-core one while the processors in the earlier versions of the device used to have 4 cores. So it is high time that Apple brings in new updates as far as the Mac Mini is concerned.

And the tech enthusiasts who have been waiting for an update on the Apple Mac Mini might feel happy with the news coming in that there will be a definite update as far as the display resolution in the Apple Mac Mini 2017 is concerned. In the recent years, the only way a user can get a better resolution in the Mac Mini is by using a Display Port or Thunderbolt Port. It provided a better display with the subsequent editions coming out with support for the HDMI cable. Using the HDMI cable, the Mac Mini provided a display resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

The latest rumours have revealed that the Apple Mac Mini 2017 will come out with support for the 4K display resolution. It is expected that the upcoming version in this series is going to sport an Intel Kaby Lake processor which has native support for the 4K videos. So it can be expected that the Apple Mac Mini 2017 will be supporting a 4K display resolution. And it this rumour turns out to be true then the device will also come with a better RAM. The device should come with an 8 GB RAM or even more. Otherwise, there are high chances that it will suffer from lags on a number of occasions.

So the fans of the brand Apple and particularly the product Mac Mini from Apple is set to get a better device. But when they are going to get the device, it is not quite sure. The reports in The Bit Bag reveals that the supposed release of the device is going to happen in the month of March in 2017 which will see the Apple Mac Mini 2017 release coinciding with the release of the iMac. But nothing has been confirmed from the manufacturer regarding the release date. So the developments regarding this are in a very nascent stage.

However, one thing is for sure that the Apple Mac Mini 2017 2017 is definitely going to be much better than its predecessors. With the likes of HP and other brands making considerable progress in the field of miniature PCs, it is imminent that Apple will come up with something better. So the fans of the device should brace for something much better from Apple.

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