Mass Effect: Andromeda to Reveal its First Major Gameplay Footage at CES 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda: BioWare and EA‘s upcoming action RPG has long been coming. We first heard about the next entry in the Mass Effect series in 2012, but what was initially thought to have been Mass Effect 4 turned out to be something way different, and more independent. Mass Effect: Andromeda, though a part of the acclaimed Mass Effect series, will mark the start of a new journey as it prepares to take players outside of the Milky Way and throw them amidst the raging wars in the Andromeda Galaxy.


From what we have seen so far, the new game looks stunning. And it comes with hordes of new elements that still manage to find a way to be integrally tied in with the events of the earlier games. BioWare has already shown us several trailers along with a few glimpses of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s gameplay, but no release date has yet been set. However, with 2017 closing in on us, the creators have promised a more in-depth look at the game’s worlds, environments, and overall mechanics as early as next week.

The announcement comes via Mass Effect’s official Twitter account, where the creators have promised to showcase more of the game’s key elements during Nvidia’s event at the CES in Las Vegas on January 4. As PCGamer points out in their report, the game may be powered by the new Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti GPU which is likely to be announced at CES 2017.

For those acquainted with the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect: Andromeda will be a different experience. It is the first Mass Effect game to feature an open world, and its maps will be virtually endless, offering unlimited opportunities for exploration across all its planets in the Andromeda galaxy. BioWare has already said that the upcoming game is their biggest yet, and we are prepared to be surprised in all the right ways. It would also be pretty nice if the developers finally announce a release date for the game at the event. Recently it came to light that the game will offer varied customisation for its characters as well as loyalty missions.

For now, Mass Effect: Andromeda is slated for release during the first half of 2017, with a March date appearing to be most likely. It will be playable on the Microsoft PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. For now, check out the footage BioWare revealed at the TGS this year.

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