Meizu H1 Smartband News and Updates: Leaked Image Predicts Higher Price

Meizu has been in the news for quite a while now for all the rumours regarding the release of their new devices. Meizu M5 Note is scheduled to be coming out on December 6. And it has been reported that along with unveiling the new smartphone, Meizu will also unveil their new smartband. The latest reports have suggested that the Meizu H1 smartband might just go through a price hike.

Meizu H1 smartband to come out with a higher price than estimated

According to the previous reports, it was predicted that the Meizu H1 smartband would be coming out on the market sometime around December this year. While unveiled it is quite natural that we get to know the price of the device. But before that, speculations are always made, and those speculations had revealed that Meizu H1 smartband would be coming with a price tag of 299 Yuan which is about $33.

But one of the latest leaked images has found to be showing that the device will not be coming out with the price tag which is much higher than the previously estimated price. It has been found that the Meizu H1 smartband will be having a price tag of 499 Yuan which is about $72. The revealed amount is more than double of the previously estimated amount, and the experts have told that it might be just because of the fact that there will be an overhaul as far as the features of the Meizu H1 smartband are concerned.

The Meizu H1 smartband will be available in the market in two different variants – one is the standard edition and the other a premium edition. The device is going to have a hidden OLED display but unlike Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the main body of the smartband is going to be non-removable which prevents any sort of customization.

However, all the features are in a state of speculation, and we are not sure what is actually going to be the configurations of the Meizu H1 smartband. But one thing is for sure that the device is going to be a be good one to be considered for getting hold of. Yet it remains to be seen that Meizu H1 smartband is going to be a healthy competitor to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. And to find that out we have to keep on waiting for the official unveiling of the device.

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