Motorola G5 And G5 Plus Leaked Images and Specs: May Launched On March 8, 2017

Motorola G5 And G5 Plus: The upcoming Motorola budget smartphones Motorola G5 and the Motorola G5 Plus may be launched early March, according to leaks and rumours. Images and specifications have also been leaked. We had earlier covered the upcoming phones’ specs, and some of them may have been confirmed.  We have compiled a list of features said to appear on the upcoming Motorola G5  and the Motorola G5 Plus.

Moto G5/G5 Plus
The rumoured Motorola G5 and Motorola G5 Plus. [Image Via]

Motorola G5 and G5 Plus: Specifications

The upcoming Motorola G5 and the G5 Plus are to come with a 5.5″ display with Full HD resolution. Both these phones are to be powered via an octa-core processor. Both the Motorola G5 and the G5 Plus feature a 5 MP front camera, with the Motorola G5 having a 13 MP rear camera and the G5 Plus with a 16 MP rear camera. Both the phones come with an inbuilt storage of 16 GB, while the G5 Plus being upgraded with a 32 GB variant. Both the sets feature the ‘turbo-charging’ option, while the relatively well-proportioned G5 Plus might come with an additional security feature of a fingerprint scanner as well. Motorola is testing the Android 7.o Nougat on existing Motorola G4 Plus models, so we expect that both the Motorola G5 and the Motorola G5 Plus will come standard with the new Android 7.0 Nougat installed. Already Motorola is launching the Nougat updates for the popular ‘Moto Z’ internationally.

Motorola G5 and G5 Plus: Launch Dates

The Motorola G5 and the Motorola G5 Plus will probably launch  on the 8th of March, 2017. Exactly which market will get its hands on these two new models is not yet known, but the Indian market looks like a good bet. Also, we advise readers to take these rumours with a healthy dose of salt, as official sources are yet to comment on any details whatsoever.

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