OnePlus 4 Could Be A iPhone Slayer And A Benchmark For Some Time To Come

With the success of the OnePlus 3T across the globe, the Chinese major will look to strive to live up to its motto of “Never Settle.” There are some doubts, however, about whether the next ‘Flagship Killer’ will be called the OnePlus 4 or the OnePlus 5. Not much is known about the upcoming phone, but we do have some juicy tidbits for you. OnePlus is also investing in user feedback to further fortify its next launch.


A small note is needed here on why we feel that the OnePlus 4 could well be called the OnePlus 5. PhoneRadar reported that the sequential naming pattern could be altered to launch the OnePlus 5 in 2017 with a ceramic body, instead of the OnePlus 3T’s metal body and similar to the OnePlus X. the ceramic body is immune to scratches and corrosion and not susceptible to high temperatures. Besides, the number 4 is considered unlucky in China. The other details are expected to stay the same.

OnePlus 4 Specs and Features

The OnePlus 4 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 or 835 processor. We expect the phone to launch with  6GB or 8GB of RAM coupled with 128GB of storage. The SnapDragon 835 chip is manufactured using the new 10nm FinFET process and is sure to launch in 2017  featuring Quick Charge 4.0. This will make the phone murderously fast and a force to reckon with. Unlike the 3T which came with a 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED display, the OnePlus 4 will look to feature a slightly downsized 5.3-inch display with 2K AMOLED with Quad HD, possibly to have a better resolution and a handier phone. Note that the OnePlus One was the last time the range received a display upgrade. Expect the new phone to run on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. Compare this to the iPhone 7 which has a 3 GB RAM and is powered by an A10 processor and we have a winner.

OnePlus 4 Camera

The OnePlus 4 will have a dual-lens camera setup. With VR and Augmented  Reality scheduled to go mainstream by 2017, a dual-lens setup is essential to provide depth perception, an active ingredient in VR setup. Some experts are suggesting that there will be augmented and mixed reality features as standard on the OnePlus 4. The form factor and other details are unknown as of now, but the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is also said to have a dual-lens setup.  Other players like Huawei sport a monochrome and an RGB sensor while LG has two lenses as well: one standard and one wide-angle lens.

OnePlus 4 To Retain the 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Unlike Apple and Samsung, OnePlus looks to have taken a step backwards. That is not to suggest that this is not a well thought-out strategy. A look at the tweet by co-founder Carl Pei says it all: the users want the jack to remain and so it has been retained. No official word on this subject has been forthcoming, however.

OnePlus 4 Release Date and Price

The OnePlus 4  has not been assigned a launch date yet.  We expect it to go official only in the second quarter of 2017. Considering the previous launch dates, the OnePlus 3 on 14 June 2016, the OnePlus 2 on 28 July 2015 and the original OnePlus on 23 April 2014, it is difficult to predict an exact launch date. The OnePlus 4 is set to cost an estimated $399 as compared to the iPhone 7’s  $849–$1,200, depending on the model and setup.

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