PlayStation 4 Pro News and Updates: Is a TV Supporting 4K Resolution a Must ?

It has been great for all the gamers across as it has been only a few months that Sony has come up with their latest gaming console PlayStation 4 Pro. There have been lots of talks regarding the features of the gaming console and all the upgrades that the console has gone through which will make it better than most of the gaming consoles that are available in the market.

PlayStation 4 Pro will support a 4K video resolution

But one of the biggest news regarding the PlayStation 4 Pro has been the fact that speculations are rife the gaming console might just be compatible for the gamers who has got a TV which supports 4K video. It is expected that with the new gaming console coming out many games would be made available in 4K resolution. However, things are not looking good for those gamers who have not got a TV which supports 4K resolution because experts have reported that the gaming console will support 4K resolution only when it is played on a TV supporting 4K videos.

However, it has been stated by the maker of the PlayStation 4 Pro that it won’t be too much of a problem for the users who are not the proud possessors of TVs without 4K video support. This is because Sony believes that such users of the gaming console will also be able to notice the changes in the resolution of the games that will be played on this new gaming console. However, it remains to be seen how it fares only when it has been put to use by the eager gamers.

Besides this, there are quite a number of issues which might be kept in mind before plugging in the PlayStation 4 Pro. One of those is that it does not support Ultra 4K Blu-ray discs. Also, this new gaming console is constructed in such a way that it fails to support an HDR pass-through.

Among the games which can be played with a 4K video support, we have the Uncharted 4, NBA 2K17, The Last of Us: Remastered and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Other than these the games which can be played in the PlayStation VR will also be available in this upcoming gaming console from Sony.

It is reported that the gaming console PlayStation 4 Pro would be available in the market from December 7. And the 1 TB variant will bear a price tag of about $399 which is equivalent to about 28,000 INR. The gamers across the continents are very much eager to go through an elevated experience of playing their favourite games on the PlayStation 4 Pro since the announcement of the arrival of the gaming console has been by its manufacturers. And it seems the wait is almost over as only a few days are left before the availability of the gaming console in the market.

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