Qualcomm and Microsoft Patch Up to Bring in Windows 10 Apps to ARM Chipsets

Microsoft has been already in the news for the latest upcoming devices that are reported to be waiting in the pipeline to be released once 2017 sets in. And it’s back in the headline yet again but this time for a completely different reason. It is reported that Microsoft will be tying up with Qualcomm to enable the availability of Windows 10 desktops apps on ARM chipsets.

Microsoft and Qualcomm
Microsoft and Qualcomm have joined hands to bring in Windows 10 apps to ARM Chipsets

The news has come in that Windows 10 will be able to support ARM chipsets and the announcement has been made by the officials of both Microsoft and Qualcomm. This means that the desktop windows app will be available on the mobile devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets. And such compatible devices might come out “as early as next year” as the company officials have suggested.

It is also reported that the new Windows 10 which is going to support ARM chipsets from Qualcomm will be able to run desktop x86 Win32 apps besides the Universal Windows apps. This will surely make things much better particularly after the discontinuation of the Windows RT platform which did not feature any desktop apps. But it remains to be seen how well the apps perform because it is expected that the apps will still run better on the x86 chipsets made by Intel.

However, the latest developments have put under the scrutiny the relationship between Microsoft and Intel which many believe that might just have fallen out. But Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of Microsoft, absolutely dismissed such possibilities. He has been quoted telling The Verge, “We’re working closer with Intel than we ever have before. The collaboration is better than ever before. It’s just the case where Qualcomm does have these chips with integrated connectivity and better idle power performance which enables new devices to get built.” Thus the speculations that the collaboration between Microsoft and Intel might come to an end in distant future should die down for the time being.

Regarding the availability of the PCs which would be coming out after such collaboration between Microsoft and Qualcomm, it is speculated that it might be very early in 2017. Qualcomm has been quoted saying that the Windows 10 based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are “expected to be available as early as next year.”  so the tech enthusiasts across the world would be eager to watch out how these new devices perform when they are brought out in the market.

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