Asus to Unveil New Hardware at the Event ‘Zennovation’ During CES 2017

Among the smartphone making brands which have made their name in the last few years, Asus is definitely one of them. The Asus Zenfone has been quite phenomenal and has grabbed the attention of many tech enthusiasts over this period of time. And the latest developments have come up with the news that Asus is due to release a new hardware during the CES 2017 in the event which they have named ‘Zennovation’.

Asus Zennovation
The Press Release sent out by Asus

The smartphone making brand based out of Taiwan has made incredible progress as far as the world of smartphones are concerned. And the launch of the device slated to be happening in CES 2017 is regarded as yet another stepping stone for Asus to make further progress in this field. In a press release Asus has sent out an invitation for their upcoming event ‘Zennovation’. The press release reads, “Join us at our CES press conference on Wednesday, Jan 4 and experience our latest innovations that will expand your vision and stretch the imagination!!”

Asus has sent out this invitation, but they have not said anything about the significance of the event. But it has been speculated that it might be related to the launch of their flagship device. Also, the presence of the logo of Qualcomm has prompted that the launch is going to involve Qualcomm as well. This also provides hints of the fact that the upcoming flagship device might just be sporting a Snapdragon 835 processor.

Also, there are rumours according to Techradar, that the event might be used as the stage to launch something else. The device that is going to be launched might not be a smartphone. It could well be a tablet. So nothing can be said about what Asus has in its store as a surprise for the tech enthusiasts across the world. But chances of Asus bringing out a tablet are slimmer than the chances of unveiling a new smartphone device which could well be their flagship.

The event is going to be held very early in the year 2017. In fact, the date has been mentioned to be January 4. The event ‘Zennovation’ is scheduled to begin at 11:30 AM PST which is going to be 01:00 AM on the next day in Indian Standard Time.

It is not much of a surprise that Asus is coming up with something new in the CES 2017 because they have done that on earlier occasions as well. It has been a trend for Asus to release new devices during the CES and the upcoming edition of the event is not going to be an exception. So we need to keep on waiting until the scheduled date to get any idea regarding what electronic device is going to be released by Asus in the event ‘Zennovation’ during CES 2017.

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