Samsung Galaxy S8 To Come With Wireless Ear-Plus, Device Won’t Feature Headphone Jack

Samsung’s upcoming premium smartphone, the Galaxy S8 is supposed to be the premium flagship highlight of the upcoming year and the device has been in the news considerably since then. In a build-up to what seems to be a crackling device-laden forthcoming year, Samsung is doing everything they can to put behind the Galaxy Note 7 debacle which led to them incurring quite a heavy loss in the market. And now, the tech giants seem to be pulling out yet another new development after reports surfaced online that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is slated to be introduced with wireless ear-buds.

This development was first seen in Apple’s September iPhone 7 Launch event when the new flagship from Apple was introduced with AirPods. The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, however, was not well received and neither did the Airpods garner a pretty good name for themselves in the market.

Samsung's upcoming 2017 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly set to be launched alongside Smasung's first Wireless Earbuds.
Samsung’s upcoming 2017 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly set to be launched alongside Samsung’s first Wireless Earbuds.

According to a report from Sammobile, the new wireless in-ear headphones will definitely be launched alongside the Galaxy S8 as an added premium accessory but it is still unclear if they will be shipping along with the smartphone, or will be sold separately. The website claims that the Chinese tech giants are introducing the ear-plugs as a direct competition to the top wireless headphones of today and specifically, the AirPods from Apple.

There is significant debate over whether the 3.5mm headphone jack’s absence would have an effect of the predicted sales of the Galaxy S8 once it is rolled out since a lot of people have showed disinterest in the concept of using the earplugs owing to many valid reasons including high repairing costs, low repairability as well as the constant fear of misplacing something so small. However, one cannot overlook the pros of the headphone jack removal as this new development significantly heightens the device’s resistibility to water. Removal of the jack increases the real estate available to manufacturers, which can be used to place more sensors, additional battery, or to simply make their phones slimmer.

Considering all these developments, we would still have to wait for quite some time before we actually get to see this beast of a device from Samsung in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S8, headphone jack or not, is definitely coming in Summer 2017 to pose serious competition to the flagships of all the big tech companies today.

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