Samsung Galaxy S8 to Omit Physical Home Button and 3.5mm Headphone Jack

The rumours regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been doing fresh rounds this week and the upcoming flagship device from Samsung has surely topped the list among the most hyped about smartphones about to be rolled out this year. And the latest reports regarding any significant characteristics of this upcoming smartphone have come as a shock to some as the South Korean giants seem to have been following tech giants Apple and have taken a step to limit the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Additionally, Samsung has also rolled out their decision to omit the physical home key button from upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to latest reports from Sammobile, Samsung has taken into consideration the increasing number of new Android headphones rolled out without the 3.5mm headphone jack function and their decision regarding the fact that the new Galaxy S8 will follow suit is concrete information according to the latest developments. The headphone jack’s absence was first noticed in Apple’s iPhone 7 line-up which was launched earlier this year in September and even though it looks like Samsung is following the same suit, it is hardly the case. While, Apple is pushing peripheral manufacturers towards a wireless solution or the use of Apple’s proprietary lightning port – both options offering Apple a certain amount of lock-in to keep consumers on the iOS platform. Samsung, on the other hand, looks to be taking a different course of action, using a USB-C port on the Galaxy S8 to provide high-quality audio.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 will most probably shed the 3.5mm headphone jack as well as the the physical home key button.
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will most probably shed the 3.5mm headphone jack as well as the physical home key button.

On the other hand, the omission of the home key button doesn’t come as that much of a surprise as there have been a host of Android devices rolled out in the market which has the physical home key missing with the device relying on soft-key support on the touch screen. What is a more concerning question is that what will be the software incorporated under the virtual soft-key home button? Google’s Android 7.0 states that the added security features of a device are a plus and has no mention of a must home key button to enhance security. This being said, there have been talks about Samsung omitting the fingerprint sensor feature from the Galaxy S8. However, these can just be ruled out as rumours as the Galaxy S8 will most probably sport the smart fingerprint unlocking system on the rear panel of the device.

Samsung has always put a premium on its high-end devices pushing the envelope in regards to technological advances. These two changes would continue that tradition, but it does come with some risk. Not much further news has been obtained from the device so far, but we are confident that the specifications of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will surface soon enough.

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