Spotify Lets You Connect To Sonos Speakers Directly With New Spotify Connect App

In what is bound to be good news for Sonos speaker systems owners, Spotify has released a new update to the Spotify app, named ‘Spotify Connect’. This update will let all users with the standard Spotify app to connect to their existing Sonos speakers, essentially turning them into a Spotify Connect speaker. This feature was missing from the Spotify Connect app and was in development for some time.

User can now control their Sonos speakers using the Spotify Connect feature

InAugust, this new feature had been announced to be in development in the beta stage. This update has been announced after months of speculation. This new service is called Spotify Connect and is a part of the Spotify app. Users will have full access to the app and all of its features while beaming the sound to the Sonos sound system. Spotify Connect also brings a few new features aimed only at users using the Spotify app with a home sound system like Sonos. The Spotify Connect feature will also allow users to bypass the default Sonos Controller app entirely when listening to music.

There are some conditions, however. Spotify Connect will only be available to Spotify users with a premium subscription only. To use the Spotify Connect, users have to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, the new feature will have multiple user option choices: multiple devices can link up to the sound system. Collaborative playlists can also be made for people with different choices in music. Other standard Spotify app features like curation, discovery and sharing will all be available via the Spotify Connect.

The new Spotify Connect feature is available on mobile and desktop applications. With this new feature, setting up the Sonos system wirelessly will become a bit easier. Also, this new feature will hopefully ensure that Spotify garners more paying customer too.

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