Xiaomi To Launch The Yi Erida Drone And A New Action Camera At CES 2017

The Consumer Electronic Fair 2017 is set to be held in Las Vegas in the first week of the new year and has already seen a flurry of big names who will unveil their wares at this global tech fair. Xiaomi-backed Yi Technologies becomes the latest member of the club as it is set to unveil its Yi Erida Drone and the Yi 4K+ action camera come January 3. The new drone is manufactured by Yi Technologies in collaboration with Atlas Dynamics and is said to be the world’s fastest tricopter. The new action camera will be a direct competitor to the GoPro range.

This will be Xiaomi‘s first appearance at the CES and it the Chinese electronics major looks set to create a splash. The company will look forward to spreading the message that it is not merely another phone manufacturer and is betting big on the drone and the new action camera. Drones have become the cynosure of many eyes ever since new technology have made them affordable, easier to operate and lightweight.

The Yi Erida Tricopter Drone

The Yi Erida Drone

This report suggests that the Yi Erida will come fitted with a Yi 4K action camera which can easily record for 2 straight hours on a single charge for better operability. The done is a tricopter, meaning it will have a three-rotor design. The drone is said to be the first commercially available drone made out Carbon fibre, making it lightweight and extremely efficient while flying. The drone will be able to fly at speeds of up to 75mph (120km/h) and have a flying time of 40 minutes. A new gimbal system enables the drone to record steady videos while in flight. In another breakthrough, the Yi Erida drone will be controlled via the Yi Erida mobile app which can potentially eliminate the need for remote control devices while maintaining form and functionality. The drone can record high-resolution videos for up to 120 minutes.

The Yi 4K+ Action Camera

The Yi 4K+ action camera will look to upgrade upon Yi 4K camera which released this year. One big change is the ability to record 4K videos at 60 frames per second. No single action camera can boast of such features right now. The CES 2017 will be the perfect platform to launch the new action camera. The Yi 4K+ action camera comes with a 2.19-inch display, 2 hours of battery life and the ability to stream videos over Wi-Fi. Like we mentioned earlier, the new action camera is a competitor of the GoPro action camera range. The increased FPS will enable smoother recordings. Besides these two products, Yi Technologies will showcase home security cameras, dash cameras for vehicles and the Yi M1 range of professional mirrorless cameras.

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