Apple iOS 10.3 Beta To Release With One Tempting New Feature: A Theatre Mode

Apple has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the many years it has taken the Cupertino-based giant to become what it is today. Most recent among the many misfortunes over the iPhone’s ineffectiveness to hold a steady battery charge even after recharging, a fact which we shall dwell on later. Now there might be a change of fortunes with Apple’s upcoming iOS 10.3 Beta Operating System rumoured to be coming with a ‘Theatre mode’ which will be accessible via a ‘popcorn-shaped’ icon located in the control centre. While details remain sketchy, the new mode might have devices and processes making movie playback a pleasure rather than a trouble worth bearing. Some analysts have conflicting views, however.

The iOS upgrade will ensure a better iPhone experience.

 The new Theatre Mode will be seen when Apple releases the first beta of iOS 10.3 to developers on January 10. Some analysts and tech experts have predicted that the very apt popcorn-shaped icon will launch a specialised phone-mode best suited for environments including movie theatres where silence is golden. This may end up to being an extension of the Do Not Disturb feature as seen on all iOS presently. In this mode, the phone kills off all modes of notifications and alerts. However, as noted by the Apple expert noted above, the feature could be something akin to a Dark Mode. something long rumoured to be in the pipeline.Using a single button, a user can dim the screen and mute audio and notifications which make the device suited extremely well for movie theatres. Either way, the new feature will have a better video-watching platform appreciable for users who prefer the old way of watching movies-  in a theatre.

Late last year, Apple iPhone users got a nasty surprise when the iOS 10.2 update left iPhone users finding their battery life suddenly running out at around the 30% mark. This came as a warning to all major companies including Apple that they were working at break-neck speeds to ensure that their products hit the market before everyone else and worked the best as well. That is simply not possible, as China itself warned Apple on this issue, as reported here. Apple will seek to recoup its losses in terms of users and upgrades with the iOS 103 update. Besides the update, iPad-specific software features such as an improved Apple Pencil is also on the cards.

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