NBA 2K18: The Upcoming Game Will Set The Standards For Some Time to Come

NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation video game to be developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. When released, this game will be the 19th instalment in the NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K17 and the  NBA 2KVR Experience. The latter game is not a successor to the actual game, however, and is not counted as a proper or canonical NBA game. The new game will arrive with a bounty of new features and bonuses. 2K sports will look forward to recreating the widespread critical and commercial acclaim that the immediate predecessor received. The new game has today been confirmed to be made available for the Nintendo Switch when it launches. A September release date is also expected.

A fan’s render of the upcoming game NBA 2K18 with Dwayne Wade on the cover

NBA 2K18 Gameplay

The gameplay of the NBA 2K18 is expected to beat even the vaunted NBA 2K17 which was exceedingly good at what it did. In very broad terms, the new game will be a single-player or multiplayer basketball simulation game. The new game will strive to realistically depict the experience of the actual  National Basketball Association (NBA), as well as present improvements over the previous instalments. Two very important modes are said to make a comeback: the MyCareer mode which allows players to personalise a player according to their liking and hence play out his entire career and the MyTeam mode, which requires players to carefully and strategically form a team from the ground up. A return of the MyGM and the MyLeague modes are also on the cards. Expect several gaming modes for the player and many customizable settings. Several real-life features as seen in original NBA games like crowds, pre and post game features and celebrations, game commentary, halftime shows and even various visual features and spectacles like lighting, player animations and camera angles will be improved upon. The players will also witness newer and better features. Different arenas will also have different commentary teams. The new NBA Draft feature will spice things up. The NBA 2K18 game will also migrate to the VR gaming platform. This is sure to happen given that the NBA 2KVR Experience was available for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR. A VR 2K18 will enthuse current gamers and potential customers to a more realistic gaming experience. An off-court storyline will provide more variety to the game as well.

NBA 2K18 Wishlist

One major new feature we would like to see is the return of classic teams. Classic teams are irreplaceable and carry with them a sense of awe and remembrance. We also need better AI in order for the game to function glitch-free and to provide a more holistic gaming experience. Better AI also has the inherent feature of enabling an average game reach great heights. A notable addition to the game will be the inclusion of more original players which obviously ensures that online avatars match up to player expectations. A better online gaming mode will also enhance the multiplayer gaming mode as well as the cooperative mode. A legend mode will also ensure ensuring interest in the game. Last seen in the NBA 2K14 edition, this feature is still sorely missed by fans and gamers.

NBA 2K18 Release Date

The latest iteration of the game has been officially announced for a September release. This will be the first title in the franchise to come to a Nintendo console since NBA 2K13 released on Wii and Wii U back in 2012. We expect a release across the Android and iOS platforms as well. The current game retails for $80 while the new game’s price tag is still unknown.

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