Sims 4 DLC Pack with Cats, Dogs and More Set To be Rolled Out Soon

It has been quite a while that we have been receiving news and updates regarding the upcoming DLC pack for the popular life simulation video game Sims 4. It has been already revealed that the developers of the game Electronic Arts is set to roll out the Vampires Update of the Sims 4 on January 4. To add to that the news has revealed that Toddlers update of the game is set to bring in cats and dogs as pets.

Sims 4
Cats and dogs are set to make a comeback in the Pets DLC pack of the game Sims 4

Tracing back the history of the game, it can be noticed that Sims 3 did provide the gamers with the opportunity to play with the dogs, cats and horses as the pets. So it has always been an expectation that the pets are going to make a comeback. However, it has been reported from reliable sources that the cats and dogs are set to make a comeback in the game Sims 4 but it is not quite sure whether horses would at all be available in Sims 4 or not. The general consensus is that horses won’t be available because of the fact that the XML files of the game do not reveal strands which could be for the horses. So experts have predicted that horses won’t feature in Sims 4.

Along with the animals that are set to come in, it is not sure whether EA would make the users available of the other non-interactive creatures like the snakes, birds, turtles, rodents and even lizards or not. Animals like deer, wild horses and racoons featured in the game Sims 3. So it remains to be seen whether these animals come in the latest edition of the series. And even if they come in, those animals should not be tamable.

However, it can be stated that the code files which have been looked at do not bear the evidence of other animals like horses might be incomplete ones. That leaves the option for a later addition of the animals because it is a long way from now that we might see Sims 4 getting the Pets DLC from EA. Till then we have to keep ourselves on hold and look for further news and updates regarding the DLC packs.

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