Impact Winter, The Post-Apocalyptic Survival game, Releases in April

Unlike many other post-apocalyptic survival games, Impact Winter, the upcoming game from publishers Bandai Namco is set to release on April 12. The game was originally announced in 2015 and we hope that the delay of two full years has been utilised fully to make a truly immersive game. The player must hold out for one month in a frigid and desolate wasteland as Jacob Solomon, the protagonist of the new game. We have news that confirms that the bleak nature of the harsh terrain has been reflected beautifully in the new game.

impact winter
A screenshot from the game Impact Winter

Impact Winter Gameplay

The new game from the stables of Bandai Namco is, like we said before, a post-apocalyptic game set in a time when an asteroid has crashed into our planet, resulting in immense global cooling and the advent of a new ice age. A majority of all inhabitants have been wiped out. The gamer has to play as Jacob Solomon, who together with four friends or co-players, must find a way to survive. Help was promised to them via a mysterious radio transmission and the survivors must stay alive and together to build a base in the snow. such a bleak description means that the morale of the gamers will be put to the test, with not one single friendly face visible in the wilderness for miles. In addition, Jacob will not be alone out there. Each member of Jacob’s team has a unique area of expertise, along with the multi-function, upgradeable (Swiss knife-like) robot Ako-Light, which will help in exploring the devastated world.

One distinguishing feature of Impact Winter is the upgradeable and multi-functional robot Ako-Light. A word play on acolyte, the robot will help in the survival of Solomon and his mates.Besides the robot aiding in scavenging and foraging in the now-obliterated world, each of the team-mates will be skilled in a particular discipline of survival.

The open-world environment of Impact Winter will be well received. Fierce storms will necessitate finding shelters. A horde of strange villains will challenge the players as well. Other activities of the players, including Solomon, will include investigating mysterious signals and trading with nomadic wanderers. A list of features like upgradable base stations will also aid the players.

Impact Station Release Date

Bandai Namco has stated that the much-awaited game will see the light of day on April 12. A wait of two years will finally be over. One question both the real-world player and their on-screen avatar, Jacob Solomon, will ask is a simple one: if everyone or almost everyone perished in the asteroid strike, who is sending the messages over the radio? We have to wait for two more months to find out the answer to that conundrum. You can watch the trailer below.

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