Apple Could Bring In Facial Recognition in iPhone 8

iPhone 8: The iPhone 8 is not due to come out until September this year, but there are so many speculations doing the rounds that it drowns out all reason. The latest rumors state that the curved screen that everyone was excited to see in the anniversary edition will be a watered down version compared to the Galaxy S7 Edge. However, it looks like Apple could bring it some other notable new features in the iPhone 8 that will make it the device we have all been waiting for.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

One feature that is widely assumed to make its debut in the Samsung Galaxy S8 when it comes out later this month is an iris scanner. The new technology in conjunction with a facial recognition system will not only be aimed at a more sophisticated unlocking procedure but also aid more secure monetary transactions. For this, Samsung is pitching its facial recognition technology to a number of reputed banks across the world. However, it looks like Apple is not lagging far behind Samsung in introducing facial recognition in the iPhone 8.

Apple is currently said to be working on bringing in a number of new sensors in the iPhone 8 to recognize environments as well as facial features. An iris scanner is already highly anticipated for the iPhone 8, but it looks like it will come with a sophisticated facial recognition technology too. While we don’t know if they can facilitate the use of Apple Pay, it might be that these will have something to do with the new AR technology that noted analysts in the industry feel confident about making an appearance in the iPhone 8. Tim Cook had earlier showed a great deal of appreciation to the emerging field of AR, stating that he considered it to be more interactive over VR as the latter leads to a more secluded experience.

However, the possibility of facial recognition inclusion in the iPhone 8 is not entirely based on rumors. Last month, it came to be known that Apple had acquired RealFace, a startup specializing in AI based facial recognition. The presence of several patents, too, indicate the increasing likelihood of the iPhone 8 coming with facial recognition. The patents explore the different ways in which Apple is exploring ways to unlock a device with the help of a number of sensors.

Considering the kind of steely silence that Apple is famed for maintaining when it comes to their new devices, the only way to receive any confirmation is by waiting for the company to officialize the iPhone 8.

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