Its Bixby Vs Siri in The War Of The Digital Assistants

The days of private and personal assistants are finally over. The new mantra is a digital assistant. Two of the biggest players in the smartphone business are also the biggest rivals in the AI-based personal assistant space. While Amazon and HTC are also in the race, it must be said that the two giant’s offerings, Samsung’s Bixby and Apple’s Siri, are the most talked about AI-based digital assistants available commercially. Bixby will make its debut with the Samsung Galaxy S8, scheduled to be released later this month. In certain respects, Bixby is significantly advanced than Apple’s Siri.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Meet Bixby

Bixby will support lots of more options when compared to Siri. Bixby is a voice and touch-enabled digital personal assistant which is a lot similar to the Google Assistant. However, Bixby will come with a few neat and extra features. According to Samsung sources, Bixby will come with extra helpful features and if you open an app, a ‘help’ feature will open up. Samsung will also bring voice recognition, branded S Voice, on its phones. Analysts suggest a slightly more advanced AI on the new digital assistant as well. last year when the company bought Viv, which was founded by Siri’s original creators. While the company didn’t dish many details about Bixby, it did lay out some intriguing promises about its new assistant.

Of course, it was expected that Bixby would feature advanced features. When Samsung bought over Viv Labs last year, some of Siri’s original founders also migrated to the tech giant. While there might not have been any specific secrets divulged, some impression of the Apple assistant must be present. Bixby is said to be more conversational than any of its competitors.  This is being seen as a reflection of its advanced AI and it is a big challenge to Siri as well.

Analysts also suggest that Bixby will receive some pointers from Google’s Now on Tap feature which brought in relatable features with one click. With simple and accurate features, it is expected that the new Bixby assistant will give Siri a run for its money. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first indication if Samsung has its bases covered.

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