Microsoft Launches New Tool to Facilitate Easy Switch

Microsoft has always been one of the most popular brands in the world of technology which has eventually resulted in a huge consumer base. There are also a number of consumers based out of various parts of the world who have been using Apple devices for a long time and are looking to make a switch. Here is a good news for all those who are planning to move one from Apple Mac to tablets or laptops in Microsoft’s Surface line.

Microsoft has launched a new Mac to Surface tool

It has been stated in the latest news that the leading tech giant Microsoft has launched a new tool that will make the shift from Mac to Surface much more hassle-free. This will surely wipe away all the worries that consumers are having before the getting hold of a new Surface Book or any other device in the Surface line. The new Mac to Surface Assistant tool a smooth migration of important documents and files from an Apple device to the one from Microsoft.

It is touted to be one of the most efficient tools for it starts working once the user agrees to come to an end to the user license agreement and has set the destination ahead of allowing it to get transferred to an external drive. That sounds pretty exciting for all the users. It has also been stated that the user will get the directions of transferring the required files and documents automatically once he or she starts the process. The process will initiate the formation of a zip file of the target files which will be transferred from the device in the Mac line-up to the one from Microsoft.

This is not one of the path-breaking initiatives from Microsoft for previously we have come across such type of assistant tools that facilitates the transfer of files and documents from one device to the other running on different operating systems. In fact, Apple has got the Windows to Mac transfer assistant technology alongside the Android to iOS transfer technology. But this new Mac to Surface Assistant will surely give the users a break from the tedious job of transferring files from one device to the other. Previously Microsoft has released an online guide that guides the users in transferring data to the Windows device.

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