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Trustify Co-founders, Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice, started their business that would make the world a better place. As entrepreneurs who founded four startups collectively, they started Trustify on the premise that it would have a social mission, be fully data-driven and built by the most talented and diverse team.

Trustify is the first nationwide network to allow consumers and businesses alike to hire private investigators on demand. Trustify has been disrupting the private investigator industry since 2015, and represents the only true online private investigator service. Aimed at helping people uncover the truth, their “Trust but Verify” tagline is the antidote for a world which seems to be less and less connected with facts and truth.

Trustify’s client base is varied too. They’ve handled everything from the traditional infidelity and missing persons investigations that people most often associate with private investigators, through to more unusual cases involving thwarting catfishers and other online scammers on behalf of their clients.

“The current news cycle and the addition of  “alternative facts” to our collective vernacular makes the timing perfect for the democratization of access to these highly talented trust and safety professionals. We are also proud to be achieving this while bringing real diversity to an industry traditionally dominated by one-percenters and white males. Our staff is nearly 70% women, and 40% protected minority class.” – Jennifer Mellon, Co-Founder & President of Trustify

She says that they have handled over 5,000 cases across the United States. Their investigators are highly vetted and they accept less than 9% of the investigators who apply to be a part of their network.

Trustify is truly the only way you can hire a private investigator on demand without having to pay thousands of dollars in retainer fees.  Their technology provides transparency during the investigation, powering a direct connection between client and investigator. Resulting in cases being solved more quickly, efficiently, and more affordably.

For more information on Trustify or to open your case visit: Trustify or download the Trustify iOS app here

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