Knife Robot Helps Keep Your Knives Sharp

With the rapid development of technology, different types of robots have been created to make our lives easier. Knife Robot is perfect example of a “robot” to save us time. This robot has the ability to sharpen your knives. Whether you are a hunter or a professional chef or even just someone who loves to cook, you can use Knife Robot in order to keep your knives sharp at all times.

Knife Robot is the first automatic knife sharpening robot to hit the market. In this counter top gadget, you can sharpen your knives within five minutes. You just need to place the knife that you need to sharpen in the device and select the preferred belt pressure, motor speed and custom angle. Once you enter the parameters, Knife Robot will then take care of the process of sharpening the knife for you.  You can go about your business and come back in a few minutes.  The results you would get are impressive as well and you will be able to experience a durable edge.

Knife Robot is available for the people to purchase in two different varieties. The first model has specifically been designed for the use by general consumers. The consumer version is portable, which can easily be carried from one place to another. It is also possible for you to store your portable version of Knife Robot in the cabinet or in the closet after using.

The second variant of Knife Robot has been designed for the use of chefs and built directly into and under the countertop. It comes along with advanced features, that chefs can use in order to keep their entire collection of knives sharp. Knife Robot has the potential to help the chefs save a considerable amount of time, which was meant to be spent on sharpening their knives on a daily basis.

Knife Robot works with its seven built-in motors. These motors have the ability to sense the knife in four degrees of freedom, which include forward, backward and side to side. As a result, people who use this robot will be able to get a precise sharpening experience

Knife Robot is now available for sale and interested readers can purchase it from Indiegogo for only $279. However, it is important to keep in mind that this offer is available only for the first 100 customers.

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