LYNQ – The Only Hub You Will Need

Keeping my desk de-cluttered is a lot more difficult than it seems. No matter how many times I put my things away neatly, by the end of the day, it looks as if a tornado swept through. Fortunately, a new solution has hit Kickstarter that combines six everyday essential gadgets into one incredible, sleek device. It’s called LYNQ, the 6-in-1 no-nonsense charging hub, and it means business.

First, LYNQ is equipped with a Qi wireless charger. As many of you are probably familiar, wireless charging is built-in for Android devices, but as of right now, not for iPhones. If you are an Apple user, and want to experience the true beauty of wireless charging, you can pick up a wireless receiver for under $20 on various sites. Trust me, it’s worth it.

For those who like to listen to some tunes while they work, LYNQ also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker with premium stereo drivers and an enhanced bass reflex port in order to produce a crisp, high-quality audio experience. But the bluetooth speaker serves another purpose as well. Combined with the omni-directional microphone, LYNQ is ideal for phone conferencing. The microphone has a three-meter radius for a hands-free experience as well as noise-cancelling technology so your call goes without interruption.

Going back to the nightmare of cable management, LYNQ has that solved as well. Located on the back of the device is a 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with USB-C compatibility. With these 4 ports, LYNQ has you covered when it comes to transferring data. And furthermore, the USB-C feature is a huge plus for those struggling with Apple’s new standard connector for data and power.

Now, what do I do with all of these wires? Looking closely, you will notice four grooves located under the device. These grooves hold practically any cord for hassle-free cable management.

And finally, I can stop losing pens as I do every. single. day. Again, located on the top of the device are three perfectly placed holes for your pens, pencils, and favorite styluses.

Keeping your desk clean is not only nice in appearance, but it also makes your day run smoother, keeping any stress at bay. LYNQ is compact, versatile, practical, and definitely a “must-have.”

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