New Leak Hints at Dual-Lens Camera Setup in Remodeled Moto X

In the recent one of the smartphone developers which have managed to grab the attention of the tech enthusiasts across the world is Motorola and since its acquisition by Lenovo in 2014, things have been looking much brighter than it had been before that. The latest news that has come out once again reveals the fact that Motorola might just be ready to come out with yet another smartphone termed as the Moto X, the leaked image of which flaunts a dual camera setup.

Moto X 2017
The leaked image of Moto X reveals that the smartphone is going to come with a dual-lens camera setup on the back

Moto X has been one of the smartphones which were available on the market in the older models and once Motorola has been taken up by Lenovo it needed some alterations. That might be one of the reasons why the smartphone did not come out with an updated version in 2016. And the latest leaked image suggests that the Moto X is going to hit the market soon in 2017.

The leaked image has informed that the Moto X 2017 will come out with a dual-lens camera setup on the back. It is not known what kind of sensors that the camera will use, but it can be predicted that it is going to be a decent one particularly because of the fact that it has managed to stay on the list of popular smartphones from Motorola owned by Lenovo. Other than that the Rear camera is also spotted to be assisted by a LED flash.

Moto X 2017
Further image of the Moto X as leaked online

The front of the device reveals that there is going to be thin bezels and the selfie shooter is going to be associated with a flash as well. Also, the screen is going to be of 5.5 inches. Other than that, nothing much can be derived from the leaked images. However, rumors are there that the smartphone might come out with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor under the hood along with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage.

At this point in time, most of the features are speculative, and chances are there that these might not eventually turn out to be the features of the Moto X. But if leaked image turns out to be the one of the Moto X, we might have just got some idea regarding what the external features of the smartphone.

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