Apple iOS 10.3 Released by the Developers, New Features Expected to Make Things Even Better

Talks have been going around for quite some time regarding the upcoming update of the operating system from Apple. And finally, here we are with the Apple iOS 10.3 update after rounds of Beta testing, which will bring in quite a number of changes that have been rumored all this while.

One of the most important that was expected to come in with the latest update of the software from Apple is the one that will enable the user to find out the accessories. The “Find my iPhone app” is the one which has been talked about quite frequently and it is finally made available to the users. It will help the users to trace the location of the AirPods in case the user is not able to find it out when desired.

Apple iOS 10.3
Apple iOS 10.3 update has been finally rolled out recently

Along with this feature, there are also a number of things that will make the users much more excited about the Apple iOS 10.3 update. The updated Siri is one of those. The statement that has come out regarding the updated Siri states that this new update provides the users with “more ways to use Siri with payment, ride booking, and automaker apps.” Along with that, the new update of Siri will help the user to send podcasts via messages.

Besides the updated Siri, the Apple File system is also something that will grab the attention of the users who will be downloading the latest iOS 10.3 update. This latest update sends the files in HFS and HFS+ format to the new Apple File System which is rendered to be much more efficient. Also, amidst all these good-looking changes that the Apple iOS 10.3 update brings in, there is something that will keep the users as well as the developers worried. The news that the iOS 11 update will render a number of apps obsolete might come true as the latest update of the iOS platform does come with the message that the future update will not support the 32-Bit apps. This actually sends the message the developers of apps to update their apps in order to make those run on the upcoming versions of the operating system from Apple.

Besides these, there are a number of new things that have come in with the Apple iOS 10.3 update. the much talked about cricket score features is a reality now. Wi-Fi calling on iCloud devices with Verizon, New App Animation, New Podcasts app Widget, iCould Storage and New Apple ID Settings menu are the ones that deserve mention as well. There are few minor changes as well but the much-anticipated Theatre Mode has not come out with the latest update.

Hence, once again it remains to be seen whether the latest update is going to be a successful one or not. This is because we need to get the reviews from the users and then only we can come to a conclusion that the update that has been rolled out is an impressive one. But one thing can be said, and that is the Apple iOS 10.3 update will surely make things much more efficient for the users.

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