SmartIllumi: Light Up Your Toilet Into a Dance Party

Getting up in the middle the night to use the bathroom is never fun. First, you must crawl out of your warm, cozy bed. Then, you must decide to either blind yourself with the bathroom lights, or risk finding the toilet in the darkness. I will admit, I’ve gotten quite a few bruises over the years from the latter.

However, recently I stumbled upon a device that will make your nightly trips to the bathroom much safer, and a lot more fun.

Introducing SmartIllumi — a one-size-fits-all, app-connected toilet nightlight that attaches to the side of your toilet bowl and instantly turns your bathroom into a disco party.

Now, when you get up to the go to the bathroom, SmartIllumi’s motion-detector immediately senses when you walk into the room and lights up. And when you’re finished, off it goes.

Because SmartIllumi is app connected, it has an impressive 16 million colors to choose from on the color wheel, and two color modes: standard, a solid color of choice, or Carousel, a rotation of colors every four seconds. And, if the light is a little too bright, users can adjust that as well.

Smart Illumi has a rechargeable battery with 3 months of life, it’s totally waterproof for easy cleaning, and it has a universal fit for every size toilet. Best of all, SmartIllumi is a great price.

Those interested in turning their bathrooms into a overnight dance party can pre-order the device on Indiegogo for only $25.

Pre-order the SmartIllumi here

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