Alleged Huawei Honor 9 Renders Show New Fingerprint Scanner and Curved Back

Huawei Honor 9: As we inch towards the completion of one year since Honor, the sub-brand under Huawei, launched the Honor 8, new renders of what is assumed to be the Huawei Honor 9 have begun surfacing. It is hardly surprising, as the Honor 8 was launched over the course of July and August across the world and was widely well received. Although what we have of the Honor 9 is no more than a picture from dubious sources, it might be worth considering.

Huawei Honor 9
The leaked renders of the Huawei Honor 9 smartphone that appeared on Weibo. Image Source: Slashleaks (via GSMArena)

The image, as you can see above, showcases the alleged Honor 9 smartphone from the front and the back. As is to be expected, there are some noticeable differences between the device in the picture and its predecessor. If you own an Honor 8 or have seen one up front, you will be able to identify these right away. But going by the image in hand, it looks like Huawei might stick to the aesthetic sensibilities of the Honor 8 with their next offering overall.

The most remarkable difference, and one that makes no sense to us however, is the new positioning of the fingerprint scanner. Unlike the Honor 8, the alleged Honor 9 in the picture has this feature at the front of the device. To recall, the Honor 8 had its fingerprint scanner at the back, which made it useful for performing some essential functions like launching an application or clicking a selfie. It seems to us that the company would not want to downgrade one of the main USPs of the brand with the Honor 9 smartphone. The fingerprint sensor that is seen in the picture also has a different shape from the round one found on the Honor 8.

What really bothers us, however, is the fact that the device in the image looks suspiciously akin to the Honor 8 in all other aspects. Everything, from the display to the camera placement, to the sensors up front, are all very similar to those featured in the Honor 8. The only other distinction is the shape of the back panel. The picture would have us believe that the flat back of the 2016 smartphone has been traded for a curved one. We must say that we like the idea of this change.

It is certainly not unbelievable that Huawei could be working on a successor to the acclaimed Honor 8 for launch sometime in 2017, but as we have discussed above, we find it difficult to be convinced by the “leak”. But if it really is the Honor 9 that we can see in the picture, we hope these are just some early renders that will be improved upon before the phone launches. We would love to know what our readers think.

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