NVIDIA Titan Xp GPU With Better Specs Uncovered; Expected to be Better than its Predecessor

NVIDIA has become a household name for most of the tech enthusiasts across the world with the passage of time. And there is some good news in store for all who have been eagerly waiting for some updates regarding the upcoming GPU from NVIDIA. It has been not long that we came across the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and now we are all set to come across the NVIDIA Titan GPU which is expected to become one of the better GPUs from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA has launched the Titan Xp which is expected to be one of the better ones in the Titan line-up

Reports have come in that NVIDIA has launched a new device in the Titan lineup and things are expected to get much better. The Titan Xp has reportedly got the potential to outshine the much popular NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The 3,840 CUDA cores play an instrumental role in such potential of the Titan Xp. The latest GPU comes with 12 GB GDDR5X RAM clocked at 11.4 Gbps.

The earlier version of the GPU in the Titan line-up when launched did not live up to the expectations, and there were a number of reports regarding the performance of the Titan X. The launch of the new graphics card unit from NVIDIA in the Titan lineup is definitely going to make things much better for them. However, one thing has definitely made things curious about the fact that NVIDIA has launched the Titan Xp. This is because the Pascal-based NVIDIA Titan Xp comes with a price tag of $1200.

The NVIDIA Titan Xp also boasts of 3,840 shader processor units alongside a boost speed of 1582 MHz. The graphics processing unit has got a total memory bandwidth of 547.7 Gbps and a Teraflop rating of 12 units. The graphics card comes with DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0b connectivity features. The graphics card will be compatible with all the updated operating systems that are used popularly by the gamers across the world.

Regarding the release date of the NVIDIA Titan Xp GPU, nothing much has been revealed. However, the GPU is reportedly already available in the USA. So there is definitely some sort of an announcement is going to be made regarding the universal availability of the GPU.

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