Lenovo Blade Concept With Incredible Design Expected to Hit the Market Soon

Lenovo has managed to become one of the most popular tech companies across the world. This achievement owes a lot to the number of new and updated smartphones as well as other electronic gadgets. This time Lenovo is back in the headlines because of the reported upcoming 2-in-1 hybrid device which is expected to hit the markets with an innovative design.

Lenovo Blade
The concept design of the Lenovo Blade promises something really special

A short while back Lenovo came out with a new edition of the incredibly popular convertible 2-in1 Lenovo Yoga Book which has also got a virtual keyboard. And this upcoming Lenovo Blade is definitely coming as great news for the fans of the electronic gadgets from the house of Lenovo. Reportedly the US-based tech giant has unveiled this new 2-in-1 device on the official website IF World Design Guide.

The revelation has come up with the information that the hybrid device from Lenovo is going to sport a detachable keyboard. This is definitely going to make the device one of the most popular ones among the hybrid devices which are available on the market or yet to come out. The great thing about the detachable keyboard is the fact that the keyboard can be attached to the device with the help of a magnetic field instead of pogo pins.

The Miracast module which is reportedly incorporated on the display of the device will enhance the experience of the users while using the virtual keyboard. This is something that this Lenovo Blade concept device is expected to bring with its launch. The display screen is expected to be 13 inches or 14 inches. However, the device from Lenovo will not sport a kickstand which is one of the highlighting features of the very much popular Microsoft Surface Pro.

But it has not been announced when the device is going to be put out on sale. There is definitely some amount of time left to go before the official launch of the device. In fact, we will have to wait for few days to get an update regarding the fact when the showrooms will be able to flaunt the Lenovo Blade Concept device. also, concerns are also there that the device might not eventually be launched and the design might be used for any other device for latter usage. So it’s advisable that the users keep holding on a bit longer and wait for an official statement regarding the future of the device.

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