PowerUp: USB-C Hub and The Perfect Replacement for your MacBook Charger

Whether you like it or not, USB-C is the new norm for transmitting power and data, leaving Apple users less than satisfied. Add to that poor battery life and a lack of connectivity, and you’ve got a hot mess. Fortunately, one company is taking the lead in providing a solution to these issues with their innovative device, PowerUp, available now on Indiegogo.

PowerUp is a portable, all-in-one charger and USB-C hub that gives users the extra convenience of traditional USB hubs while eliminating the need to carry around various chargers, dongles, and adapters.

With 60W AC power, users can simultaneously charge up their MacBook and three USB devices such as a phone and tablet, or keyboard and mouse, all in one place. Even more convenient, PowerUp will charge these devices 2x faster than their standard charger, and users can sync all of their documents, music, photos faster than ever with the device’s high-speed data transfer.

Worried about your devices overheating? Not a problem. According to Homey, PowerUp protects devices from overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuiting, and it is even equipped with specially designed copper cooling fans to prevent overheating during use.

“I made this product with my own personal needs in mind while using Apple and Mac products. I trust that other users will have had the same frustrations and issues as I did and have the same need for PowerUp as I do,” says Peikai Hou, Founder of Homey.

PowerUp is currently available for a pledge of $69, which happens to be the same price of the standard Apple MacBook USB-Charger. I think I know which product I’d choose.

Get yours here

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