Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Receives Bluetooth Certification Days after WiFi Certification

Samsung has been one of the busiest smartphone developers all this while for the number of smartphones and other electronic gadgets that have come out in the recent past or are waiting in the pipeline to be released soon. The latest news that has come out is bound to make the fans of Samsung all the more excited. It states that a new smartphone from Samsung has received Bluetooth certification and that could well be the Samsung Galaxy J7.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)
Latest reports have suggested that Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) has received Bluetooth certification from SIG

It has been not long that we received news stating that Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) has received WiFi certification from WiFi Alliance (WFA) which prompted that the smartphone from Samsung is going to come out on the market very shortly. And the latest update which states that Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) has been a recipient to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is bound to boost up things even more than before.

The certification has not revealed much about the configurations of the smartphone but it has revealed that the handset will hit the market with a Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity feature. Not just that, the news has revealed that the model number of the smartphone is going to be SM-J730FM. Other than these nothing has been revealed officially regarding the features of the smartphone.

The rumors which are making rounds have stated that Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) is going to be available on the market with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chipset under the hood. It might also feature the Samsung Exynos 7870 chipset and it is subject to confirmation from the official sources regarding what is eventually going to come with the smartphone. It is supposed that the smartphone is going to come out with 2GB or 3 GB RAM. The internal storage is not yet known and the handset might be backed up with a 3,000 mAh battery.

The camera is also expected to be of moderate quality. The rear camera setup is perhaps going to be of 8 megapixels while the front shooter is going to be 5 megapixels. The earlier version of the smartphone that is the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) came out on the market with a price tag of 15,990 INR which has given rise to the expectations that there isn’t going to be much of a price hike. It was in the month of May that the smartphone hit the market and it is estimated that Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) is also going to be launched in the month of May. However, all these information is subject to further confirmation from the house of Samsung.

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