Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Get Launched at the IFA Trade Show

Samsung has always been one of the busiest smartphone developers in the field of technology and there is a constant flow of news and updates related to the upcoming smartphones which might be released before the end of the year 2017. After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, all eyes have been fixed on the news related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is going to be the flagship device in the Note line-up.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is estimated to be released during the IFA Trade Show 2017

There have been a lot of talks going on around in the online as well as in the offline media regarding the probable features as well as the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The latest one which has been making rounds reveals that the phablet is going to be available on the market in the second half of the year 2017. But before that, the handset will be launched during the IFA Trade Show which is going to be held at Berlin in Germany. The event will take place in the month of September. So the fans can expect the device to hit the market in the month of September this year.

On previous occasions, the leading tech giant from South Korea has come up with the flagship phablet at New York. That has been the trend that Samsung has set. But we have also seen that Samsung has held events during the IFA in Germany. So chances are there that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched in the month of September this year.

Other than the release date of the Samsung Galaxy note 8 there have been a lot of words going on regarding what the features of the device are going to be. It has been reported that the upcoming phablet might hit the market with a 4K display resolution. There have been lots of discussions going on but it remains to be seen whether Samsung switches to 4K display in Galaxy Note 8.

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