See Air Quality in Real Time with the Sprimo Personal Air Monitor for iPhone

How often do you think about the quality of the air around you? My guess is, unless you can actually see or smell an odor, such as cigarette smoke, air quality is not much of a thought. However, the air we breath is just as important as the food we consume and the water we drink. But how are we supposed to know the air quality, if we have no way to see it? Thanks to a new Kickstarter Campaign, this is now a reality.

On Tuesday, Sprimo Labs revealed the Sprimo Personal Air Monitor (PAM), a portable app-connected air quality detector that plugs right into the iPhone via an integrated Apple-certified lightning connector. With this keychain sized, innovative device, users are able to see their hyper-local air quality in real-time right from the Sprimo App.

With cutting edge gas detector technology, PAM is able to detect temperature, relative humidity, and thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like paints, cleaners, and varnishes. Once the measurements are taken, the toxic compounds are converted into an easily understood score, based on a scale designed by the EPA.

“A big challenge for Sprimo is that a lot of people think ‘air is air’ and don’t understand the relevance of personal air,” says Ray Combs, Co-Founder and CEO of Sprimo Labs, “But we have shown in the labs that the air you breathe can be improved, even in a big office environment, and the germs, cigarette smoke, perfumes, and human smells of those around you can be blocked out and pushed away.”

One of the features I love most about Sprimo is the interactive map in the app. Every person that uses PAM becomes part of a worldwide community, and when they take an air quality measurement, it is recorded onto the map for everyone to see. For the average person, this will surely come in handy when booking a hotel or making a restaurant reservation, but for those afflicted with allergies or asthma, this device could change how they go about their day entirely. Eventually, Sprimo plans to create a real-time, high resolution “heat map” of air quality across the world, so that everyone can stay informed and take action.

Sprimo is incredibly affordable, and is currently available for only $25 to a limited number of backers. Grab yours now, here:

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