WhatsApp: Upcoming Feature of the Messaging App will Allow Users to Send Multiple Contacts

A few years back we could not even imagine that technology would develop some applications which would turn out to be extremely convenient for people. Some people didn’t even know the importance of new media during those days and suddenly people’s life started getting easier with the release of Whatsapp. However, recently the users were quite disappointed with the messaging app as people could not update their text statuses but soon Whatsapp got back with their old feature. And now it seems that the messaging app is coming up with an all new feature.

WhatsApp to come up with a new feature for its users

At times our friends or family members ask us to send two or three contacts simultaneously and we only due to which we end up only one contact at a single go, unlike the photos. It consumes a lot of time and might get annoying sometimes but it seems that the users do not need to worry at all now as Android Police reported that the upcoming feature of the WhatsApp Messenger will allow users to send multiple contacts simultaneously. Therefore, you will be able to attach more than one contact while sending it. The report says that WhastApps is right now testing the multiple contact feature.

This particular feature of the messaging app is surely going to be convenient for the users as it will save an ample amount of time. Sending multiple contacts to people is definitely a great feature which will definitely get well received it the developers are actually mulling on equipping WhatsApp with this particular feature.

People were extremely fired up when WhatsApp followed the footsteps of Instagram and included the feature of sharing stories and discarded the text status option. WhatsApp received quite a lot of backlashes from the users and they demanded it to bring back the text status option and soon after that the messaging app got them back the feature.

And after acquiring several backlashes it seems that the messaging app is planning to come up with a great feature which will turn out to be even more optimal for all the users.

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