Fotofami Memories Uses AI to Automatically Store and Organize Your Camera Roll

It’s easy to fill up your camera roll. However, clearing it out or organizing it can be a nightmare. Yes, you can always use the cloud to free up space, but while your phone is nice and empty, your thousands of photos have now entered what I call a black hole. We fear deleting our photos since they all represent a certain moment in time or a precious memory, but unless you’re one who immediately creates some kind of album or scrapbook, let’s face it, those photos might as well be deleted.

Luckily for us, Fotofami Memories is here to save the day. Currently available for pre-order, Fotofami Memories is an incredibly easy-to-use storage peripheral for the iPhone. It not only offers a convenient way to backup and organize your iPhone camera roll, but it also does so securely, and that’s not all.

Fotofami was created to help people preserve and rediscover their memories instead of letting them go into this black hole. By integrating deep learning visual AI technology, Fotofami can automatically scan your camera roll, recognize the faces, ages, genders, and emotions of individual people, and then create separate timelines for each friend and family member. All photos are also encrypted, leaving you with secured organized collections.

In addition to these neat features, Fotofami does not require WiFi. All users need is the complimentary cable to immediately transfer their photos. However, users can even save themselves a step by using the Fotofami App’s Direct Cam, which transfer photos immediately to the device rather than further clogging up your camera roll.

Fotofami is currently taking pre-orders on their website. Consumers have a choice between the Fotofami G2 (128GB), which holds approx. 100,000 photos/1040 minutes of video, or the Fotofami G1 (64G), which holds approx 50,000 photos or 520 minutes of video. All media is saved in original HD quality.

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