Microsoft Cortana Can Now be Set as Default AI in Android Phones

Are you not ready for Google Assistant as the AI on your smartphone? Here is a solution for you. Microsoft has released a new update of their artificial intelligence that will enable you to replace the default AI in your smartphone and set Cortana as the default one.

This new update comes at a point of time when Microsoft has been trying hard to push their services more than the smartphones running on the Windows operating system. And the latest update indicates that policy of the US-based tech giant. Once you update the Cortana installed on your Android smartphone to the 2.8 version which has been lately released by Microsoft, you can replace your default AI with Cortana.

Cortana can now be set up as the default smart assistant in an Android smartphone [Source]

Once you have completed the process of updating Cortana on you handset, you will receive a notification that will give the opportunity to set up Cortana as the default smart assistant. Once you oblige to that, you can get access to it with a long press of the home button. When you are on your ‘Home’ screen, tap the ‘Home’ for an elongated period and that will open Cortana on your Android device.

Along with the opportunity to set Cortana as the default smart assistant, the new update has brought in a couple of other things as well. One of those is the general improvement of the working of the apps and the second one is that new update will bring in more consistency as far as the consistency of the calendars is concerned.

But the focus is certainly on the fact that Cortana can be set as the default AI on the Android smartphone. Definitely, there are other things which would be bettered in the near future. One such thing is the fact that the user won’t be able to set it to launch via an OS-wide voice command. It does not also function properly in the landscape mode. So these are the small things that might be bettered in the coming days.

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